Fault Detection

Fault Detection

  • Power shortages using certain appliances
  • Sparks while plugging in or unplugging an appliance
  • Burning smell, either at an appliance or at a wallsocket
  • Crackling behind your walls burn marks around your power points, light fittings or light switches
  • Power point gets warm or hot
  • Flickering lights


  • No 1

    Safety first- we never compromise on the safety of our customers, their homes or business or the products that we use.

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    Up front affordable pricing – We tailor a solution to your needs and agree on a price before work begins, so there are no hidden surprises.

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    Reliable – We know you are busy! So we always arrive when we say we will and give a courtesy call when we are half an hour away, allowing you to plan your day .

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    We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations .

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